Welcome to the website of ¬†Technology Swimming Pools, UK’s leading designers and installers of luxury swimming pools and spas. We have worked on a variety of swimming pool designs, ranging from small plunge pools and garden spas in Central London to big free-form pools in the countryside. Our company specialises in complex pool designs like infinity pools & deck level pools, and pool construction in demanding locations like cellars, basements and rooftops.

We offer swimming pool design & construction services to private clients, architects, property developers and builders. Our knowledge and experience of swimming pool design and installation allows us to build pools of an exceptional quality. Our swimming pools are built with passion and always thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our unparalleled high standards before handing over to you for years of pleasant and safe swimming.

Technology Swimming Pools have worked with some of London’s finest architects and landscape designers. These experts utilise our swimming pool design services right from the initial stage so that the completed swimming pool harmonises with the surrounds. We have the attitude, education, training, experience and vision to help you make your aspiration come true.true. Technology Swimming Pools maximises your returns on the money spent and simplifies the entire swimming pool design and construction process.

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