Indoor Swimming Pool Design

Design of indoor swimming pools is very different from that of outdoor pools as indoor swimming pools are not subject to the fluctuations in day and night temperatures of outdoor pools. But they do require room ventilation to control humidity caused by the large amount of evaporation. Without a proper ventilation system, high indoor humidity levels will cause numerous problems, including condensation on cold surfaces and rusting of structural components.

Frequently placed in basements where drainage may be tricky, indoor swimming pools benefit from modern cartridge filtration systems that do not require backwash. In addition, less tolerance for chlorine smells in an indoor environment means that there is an increased use of Ozone / UV water disinfection. There is also an opportunity to utilise sophisticated lighting effects and water features in indoor swimming pools.

Contrary to popular belief, good quality pool covers are as important to indoor swimming pools as outdoor ones, since covering an indoor swimming pool when not in use means that there is less evaporation and less work for the dehumidification system to do. We have to bear in mind that this is one piece of equipment that uses the maximum energy in the whole scheme, and major savings are possible if we use it sensibly. Technology Pools design and install high efficiency indoor swimming pools with modern heating and ventilation systems for your new build house, house extension or permitted development. If space seems to be the problem, than we can put an indoor swimming pool beneath your garden or in existing unused spaces like basements and barns.

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