Belsize Park – Luxury Pool with Moving Floor
The owners of this house added a basement to their existing home with the part of basement below the garden housing a swimming pool. Being avid entertainers, they wanted a pool as well as a party place within that area and a moving floor was the perfect solution. The pool is 8m X 4m with a similar surround area, so when the floor is up, there is a 64sqm clear space for entertaining. Next to the pool below the main house is a large living space connected to the pool by sliding patio doors, and with those doors open it is over 100sqm, substantial by any standards for Central London. A steam room is installed next to the pool along with a large shower and change room.
Hamilton Terrace – Luxury Basement Pool
In this new built property, the emphasis was on bespoke finishes and extraordinary looks. The designers chose exquisite black stone finish to the surround with Iridescent Fired Earth mosaics for the inside the pool. The result as you can see is spectacular, especially when looked at the installation in its entirety, complete with the matching change rooms and steam room that are also clad in similar materials. The pool area is heated and dehumidified by state of the art dehumidifier from Heatstar that keeps the environment comfortable at all times. The 12m X 5m pool has UV disinfection as standard and an automatic venetian cover is fitted for energy efficiency and safety.


Hampstead – Modern Pool in Glass Outbuilding
The brief for this project was to have a pool that is enclosed for year round use, but visually as open as possible with the ability to have a feel of an outdoor pool in summer. So the outbuilding for the pool was designed with sliding patio doors on three sides and with an engineered timber deck around the pool to merge it with the garden when the doors are open. Inside of the pool is clad with bespoke small sized mosaics and there is a matching spa in the basement of the house that is open to air. The pool is 14m X 3m in size with a venetian cover and UV disinfection for both the pool and the spa.
Hampstead Heath– Basement Feature Pool
This particular project is an example of the new contemporary design themes that are favoured by international high flying executives. Designed by the Italian Architectural Practice ‘Caludio Silvestrin’ to be more of a pad for bachelors or young couples than a family home, this house has two storeys above ground and three below. The entire house (walls and floor) is finished in Italian stone and the swimming pool is no exception. Located in the second basement, the 9m X 2.5m pool has a massage island, central feature skylight and sloping wall to add drama to the scheme. A weeping wall waterfall, matching steam room and minimalistic sauna complete the look.


Hampstead Garden Suburbs– Indoor Freeboard Pool
This pool was designed to be used by three generations of a family, so safety and practicality were top priorities of the brief, plus some fun elements for the younger ones. The pool was to be located in a stand alone building at the end of the garden, but due to objections by neighbours, the building was designed to be half in and half out of the ground. This 10m X 5m pool is fairly straightforward with an automatic venetian cover and two sheer descent waterfalls. A pair of 6m bi-folding doors provide access to a sunken courtyard for an open feel in the summer.
Finsbury Park– Basement Hydrotherapy Pool
Designed and installed for a home for mentally and physically disabled children, this hydrotherapy pool is probably the most technologically advanced that we have ever built, and we are proud of it. As is visible in the pictures, the pool is half in half out for the ease of access into the pool and also for ease of handling the swimmers by operatives on the side of the pool. Due to the high temperatures that this pool is run for extended hours, the filtration, heating and ventilation systems installed are not only of very high capacity, but also high efficiency to keep the running costs down. This 5m X 4m pool is equipped by state of the art bather lift, audio visual stimulation aids and a spa / massage seat.


Southgate – Traditional Garden Freeboard Pool
A lovely example of a simple free-board pool with a safety cover in the back garden of a London suburban home near Southgate, this pool sets perfectly in its surroundings and shows how elegant an outdoor pool can be. The owner of this property handed over the site to us and we handled the project from start to finish. The blue mosaics look stunning with the sandstone surround and the rounded corner steps add a traditional touch. The 10m X 4m outdoor pool has a cartridge filter for better filtration and is used almost 10 months of the year by the family, thanks to the insulated safety cover and a high capacity heating system that keeps it at 29deg C all year round.
Hambledon, Berkshire – Infinity Lap Pool
This infinity lap pool was for a listed building in Hambledon, and since the property had most of the available land as rolling hills with the only flat bit dedicated to a cricket practice pitch, the key was to put a pool on one of the slopes with minimum displacement of soil. Undertaken as a complete design and build contract, we opted for a poured concrete pool with green slate finish and grey Indian stone surround to complement the style of the property. Aligned to the existing pergola, this large 18m X 6m lap pool is used by the owners every day six months of the year for serious swimming. It includes two sets of filtration systems, an automatic venetian cover and two energy efficient air to air heat pumps to keep it up to temperature.


Felixstowe, Suffolk- Sea View Infinity Pool
When we were approached for the design of this infinity pool back in 2006, we jumped with joy and anticipation. After all, its not everyday that one gets to design and install a pool with a perfect setting for infinity views. To be placed on a cliff, this 8m X 4m pool with automatic venetian cover required major structural underpinning and stabilisation of surround. The owners have loved it since 2007 when it was finished.
Poole, Dorset – Luxury Hotel Indoor Pool
This luxury spa hotel in Dorset had an outdoor pool but they wanted to add another indoor one for year round use. We designed and installed the 15m X 5m pool in a basement with a spa and bespoke lighting so that, even without any windows, the finished article looks fantastic. The colours and textures were chosen by the interior designers for a rich look & feel.


Wimbledon- Narrow Garden Lap Pool
The owners of this house bought it as a brand new development on a prestigious road in Wimbledon. The house had everything apart from a pool, so the owners chose us to install a lap pool in the somewhat narrow garden. We took is on as a complete design and build job and the result is 16m X 3m pool with a separate kids section, automatic venetian pool cover and travertine surround.
Mayfair- Luxury Basement Marble Spa
The architects for this 10,000 sqft luxury home in Mayfair (achieved by combining two town houses) instructed us to put a natural stone clad spa, marble ‘Hammam’ steam room, sauna, showers, two cold water features and sunken seating all within one room. The brilliance in design is to maintain different temperatures in different parts of the same room.


Henley on Thames, Berkshire – Infinity Pool
The location of this 15m X 7m diving pool benefited from lush fields dropping away from the edge of the property boundary. We specified a natural slate finish to complement the substantial pool house that contains the plant room, sauna, showers and a kitchenette.
Notting Hill – Compact Basement Pool
Extremely limited space and very difficult access were the challenges on this project. Installed within a town house in Notting Hill, this contemporary 7m X 2.5m pool actually sits below the garage and uses a counter swim unit to give the owners a feeling of longer swim lengths.


Bedford Square- Basement Stainless Steel Pool
Added as an afterthought to the basement of a grand refurbishment to a substantial property, this 9m X 3m stainless steel pool & spa shell was manufactured in pieces and taken through standard doorways to be assembled on site. Since there was not much space available, one wall was built in glass to reduce the bulk of the installation.
Holland Park- Town House Pool Renovation
A liner pool in Holland Park was in a state of disrepair and we were commissioned to renovate it. We installed a new liner, decking and a completely new filtration system. It looks splendid, especially with the white town house in the background.