Below are some examples of the kind of projects we typically handle, and also some information and prices on additional features.


Pool Refurbishment
how much does an indoor pool cost
Many of our projects involve remodelling of existing pools, addition of spas / steam rooms and in some cases conversion of outdoor pools to indoor pools and it is not easy to give a fixed Swimming Pool Cost in these cases, but our objective is to respect the existing facilities and implement enough change to make a difference, all within a sensible budget.
Outdoor Liner Pools
how much does an indoor pool cost for liner
Liner pools are the most basic but also the most popular type of pools in the UK. The construction is fairly straightforward and, apart from the installation of pool equipment and the liner itself, can be handled by any local builder. Liner swimming pools can be installed for as little as £18,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.


Outdoor Tiled Pools
cost of building swimming pool
One step ahead of liner pools, tiled pools require a waterproof concrete box that is then finished in porcelain glass mosaic tiles or stone finishes like slate. These pools require skilled concrete workers and tilers. Prices start from £25,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.
Indoor Tiled Pools
how much does an Indoor swimming pool cost
Same as outdoor tiled pools, with the addition of a H&V (heating & ventilation) system to take care of the humidity generated by warm pool water. Add £6,000 for a non ducted H&V system to the pool price of a 6m X 3m outdoor tiled pool, or £18,000 for a fully ducted system.


Hydrotherapy Pools
Hydrotherapy Pool costs in london
Built to the same specifications as tiled pools, hydrotherapy pools run at a higher temperature and hence require the capacity of the filtration & heating systems to be boosted up.Pool Cost tend to be 25% higher than normal tiled pools.

Plunge Pools
costs for Plunge Pool
Again essentially the same as normal tiled pools, plunge pools are usually smaller and run at lower temperatures. Swimming pool Prices are from £16,000 for a 2m X 2m plunge pool.


Basement Pools
Prices for Basement Pool
The main difference between designing an indoor swimming pool and an indoor ‘basement’ swimming pool is the consideration for lighting, finishes and access for services. Prices tend to be same as normal indoor pools.
Free-form Pools
Prices for Freeform Pool
Very popular in the warmer regions of the world, free form pools were previously not considered very suitable for the UK climate. But with the advancement in automatic cover technologies and availability of radical new products like liquid covers, any kind of shape is possible. Prices are equivalent to a tiled pool of the size of the rectangle that can contain the shape of the pool.


Deck Level Pools
Deck Level Pool Price in london
As the name suggests, the water level in the pool is the same as the pool surround, which looks fantastic and the filtration works much better than a normal pool. These pools do need the addition of an overflow channel to the pool shell as well as a balance tank, and the prices are about 20% higher than normal tiled pools.
Infinity Pools
Pool Prices for infinity pool
A variation of deck level pools is the infinity pool, with overflow on one or two sides only. These pools look stunning against a water body or rolling hills, and offer a lot of potential for being used as features. Prices are the same as deck level pools.



Stainless Steel Pools
Stainless Steel Pools cost
In restricted locations like existing basements or terraces where constructing a pool or a spa can be a challenge, prefabricated stainless steel pools offer a viable solution. Depending on the style of property, these can be left with exposed stainless for a sleek look, or tiled for a more traditional look. Prices start from £ 24,000 for a 6-seater spa or £45,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.

Outdoor Spas
Outdoor Spa Costs
You can buy one of the ready made acrylic spas available online for about £6,000, place it on the patio and it works fine. For something more bespoke, these can be designed with a tiled finish and custom shapes, and the pool prices start from £15,000 for a 2m X 2m six seater spa.


Indoor Spas
Indoor Spa - london swimming pool
Indoor spas offer room for creativity unlike any other product that we design. You can splurge on high end finishes, bespoke water features, glass walls and mood lighting. The prices start from around £20,000 and can go up to £100,000 for a really special installation.

Swimming Machines
Swimming Machine by london pool designer
For smaller pools with limited lap length. a variety of swimming machines can be installed that will allow the swimmer to constantly swim against a current of water. The basic ones start from £3,600, a more powerful version to suit an enthusiast’s needs will cost around £6,000 and the professional ‘Fastlane’ unit is closer to £9,000 including installation.


Cascade Waterfalls
Cascade Waterfall by Swimming pool company london
These waterfalls make all the difference to the ambience of the pool, a must have if the space allows especially since these can be added for as little as £750 each.

Neck Massage Jets
Swimming pool cost for -Neck Massage Jets
Neck massage jets, or water curtains as they are sometimes called, give any pool or spa an instant upmarket feel and are very useful in hydrotherapy pools or indoor spas. Prices from £4,500 onwards.


Automatic Covers
Automatic Covers prices
While the safety and energy saving benefits of Automatic Covers are very obvious for outdoor pools, it needs to be insisted that indoor installations equally benefit from these. Without an automatic cover, the H&V system will run 24/7 and the pool will use a lot more energy. Using an automatic cover will save up to 80% on heating bills and these covers start from £7,500 for a 6m X 3m pool.

Moving Pool Floors
Moving Pool Floors by Swimming pool company
Moving Pool Floors are becoming increasingly popular, especially in London where the price of square foot justifies the spend of thousands to gain space worth millions. These can be hydraulic, cable operated or floating systems depending on the requirements of the project, and prices start from £36,000 for a 6m X 3m pool.


Sauna Rooms
Sauna Pools in London
Sauna’s are a great addition to a new project or even to an exiting pool, and the modern versions can be had with a sleek all glass front that adds to the minimalist effect for contemporary style. For more traditional installations, all timber sauna or even a barrel sauna are very suitable. Prices start from £4,500.

Steam Rooms
how much does it cost to get a pool Steam Room costs in london
While ready made steam rooms with acrylic panels are very popular and suitable for commercial applications, nothing beats the style of an all tiled steam room or a stone clad ‘Hammam’. Prices start from £7,500.